Our Mission: NCADA works to reduce—and actually prevent—the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs. We do this through education, intervention and advocacy.

These Super Bowl ads, while visible and deliberately provocative, are a very loud—but very tiny—part of what we do.

No local agency devotes more resources to reduce or prevent drug use among our youth. But despite our best efforts, the flames of the opioid epidemic continue to burn in the eastern region of Missouri; especially among adults. We use proven, effective firefighting techniques, but we do need a larger crew and more hoses.

We must do more and, with your support, we will. Help us end this epidemic and prevent the next one from ever taking root.

Natural High - 2016 Rio PSA Once - 2016 Rio PSA

These two locally broadcast Super Bowl commercials were made possible, in part, by the generous support of the DEA 360 strategy.